Regular cleaning of your Harman Pellet stove or insert is necessary to keep your stove running properly. The frequency can vary from just a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on usage, quality of the pellets, and the stove capacity for ash collection. The following steps are necessary:

Vacuum Firebox
Using a vacuum that is designed for Ash (steel hose, steel body), vacuum the firebox completely clean.

Scrape Heat Exchanger
Using the Harman Arrow tool, scrape the heat exchangers (either along the back wall or roof of the firebox). Then vacuum the ash that falls.

Scrape Burn Pot
Using the flat end of Harman Arrow tool, or a large flat head screwdriver, vigorously scrape the burn pot until you are SURE there is no residual carbon built up. If the carbon builds up, it will INSULATE the ignitor, and prevent the stove from automatically lighting.

Vacuum Ignitor Compartment
On the bottom of the fire pot, there are two wing nuts holding a cover in place. Remove the cover plate, and using a toothpick, from the top of the fire pot, poke thru all the holes to clean out any ash in the holes. Then, from the bottom cover plate, vacuum the compartment clean. If there is ash built up in this compartment, the automatic ignitor will not function.

Clean Glass
Using a non-ammonia-based glass cleaner, or a wood stove glass cleaner, clean the glass with paper towels.

If you follow these directions regularly, your Harman stove will give you years of energy-efficient enjoyment and savings. Please also be careful of the number of blinks on your Harman Pellet stove.